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Hello all, it’s been a while since we post our last blog. So to recap things in these last 3 months, let’s get to our progress.

First, the development state of VALZ. After some development obstacles, mostly in engine and platform optimization stuffs, We’ve reached the point where the game was unable to run on some devices, crashed occasionally, and many others. Thankfully, we found this great article on mobile optimization and important asset handling which ultimately help us out. Credits to these guys.

Second, we are happy to announce that VALZ is ready to dance again to the music as we add a very talented animator to our core team. Adding animations do affect our schedule but since we’ve taken a little step backwards, why not take another step so we can run and jump? After all it adds real punch to the game. See it for yourself!

We hope that from this point forward, we are going in the right direction so we can go full throttle.